The Tunkhannock Township Board of Supervisors adopted Ordinance 97-101 on May 7, 1997.  This Ordinance is to impose a tax on earned income and net profits of residents of the Township of Tunkhannock, Monroe County, Pennsylvania and on earned income and net profits earned by non-residents of the Township of Tunkhannock for work on or service performed or rendered in said Township.

Here at the local level there is a 1% (one percent) Earned Income Tax (EIT) in addition to State, Federal, Property and School Taxes.  EIT tax forms are due by April 15.  Berkheimer Associates are retained by the Township to collect this tax.  All earnings must be submitted to Berkheimer regardless of the number of hours you work.  For example, if you're retired but working to supplement your income, you have taxable earnings.

Most times this tax is withheld from your paycheck, although if you work out-of-state you may need to talk with your employer about setting up this deduction.  Ask your employer to contact the Customer Care Department at 1-800-360-8989 and set up a Volunteer Employer Account.  It is your responsibility to pay any taxes due.

Forms can be found at the Township Office or by calling Berkheimer at 866-701-7206.  Thereafter, you will receive forms through the mail at the beginning of the tax year.  Check the top of the forms and ensure that you are listed at Tunkhannock Township, Monroe County.  Since many post offices serve our area, it's important to make sure the Township receives the correct allotment.

Until recently, the Township received the entire 1% for their general operating fund, but the amount collected is now divided between the Township and the School District, with each entity received 1/2% (one-half percent).

Make sure your Township is receiving their fair share of EIT.  Contact Berkheimer and your employer and verify the facts.



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